Sluice Hammocks Extra Strap Carrying Taco Spicy Red and Regular Black

Strap Taco

Tired of losing your tree straps? Slap them in a taco and never leave them behind again! 

Don't bother folding anything nicely or trying to stuff your straps into a tiny bag. Grab a taco, bunch up your straps and toss them in! Snap the taco closed and attach it to the handle of your Sluice Hammock while you're on the move. 

All of our hammocks come with a taco attached to the stuff bag, but if you ever need a spare, this is it. 

Quick Specs:

  • 8 inches in diameter with stainless steel snaps to secure any set of tree straps
  • The Spicy Tacos is red so you'll always be able to find it!

$ 9.99