About Us

The Gold Standard Guarantee

Sluice Hammocks is inspired by the gold miner’s sluice box, which is used to separate precious gold from heaps of dirt. Sluice Hammocks let you catch the good stuff and hang on to what matters most, just like the sluice box. When you're in a hammock, time stands still and you remember that the quiet and careful things in life matter just as much as the loud bustling things. Have you ever experienced gold standard peace of mind? Hop in a Sluice and you'll be the next to know all about it!

Sluice Hammocks have been refined for backyard daydreamers, suburban park loungers, and casual campers. We've sorted out the details and kept things simple so you don't have to fiddle and fuss when it's time to kick back and relax. We rely on engineered design and robust sewing patterns to keep our gear performing year after year. Top quality fabrics and components have been carefully selected to create a package like none other. When you hold a Sluice Hammock in your hands, it doesn't just feel good, it feels just right. 

There are a lot of hammocks on the market. Most are built for pennies and imported from far away. A handful are actually made in the US and even fewer approach gold standard levels of quality and comfort. At Sluice, we try to achieve the gold standard with every product we develop, but we also think it's important to keep things in the perspective of the everyday relaxer. We've adopted a few great ideas from the intense outdoorsman's playbook and invested our energy into making products that are easier to use, more practical, and more fun! 

All Sluice gear is designed, tested, and manufactured in our Raleigh, NC factory that we lovingly call the Sluicery. Within the walls of this great laboratory, we fuse American creativity with universal comfort to create products that will complete your arsenal for adventure. We do everything under one roof so we can give every order our full attention and care.

Thank you for supporting made in USA relaxation - happy hammocking! 

 Sluice Gold Standard Guarantee Made in USA