Product Details

Things to Know Standard Size Jumbo Size Child's Size
Straps Included with Hammock? Yes Yes Yes
Measurements 4.5ft wide x 9.5ft long 7.5ft wide x 9.5ft long 4.5ft wide x 6.5ft long
Height & Angle Adjustability Infinite adjustment with included cinch buckles and polyester tree straps
Customizable with Embroidery? Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Occupant Weight Rating 450lbs 450lbs 450lbs
Maximum Recommended Occupant Height 6'-6" 6'-6" 4'-0"
Weight of Hammock with Straps 24oz 38oz 18oz
Size of Packed Hammock 9in x 5in x 5in 10in x 6in x 6in 7in x 4in x 4in
Hammock Material 100% nylon, all models
Tree Strap Material 100% polyester, all models
Care Instruction Machine washable; hang to dry - do not machine dry