Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q: What do I need to get set up?
A: We're here to keep things simple. All you really need is a hammock and a pair of tree straps. Get both in a single purchase with any hammock. Browse all hammock models here.

Q: Can I only use the tree straps on trees?

A: No way! Use your straps to set up between trees, posts, poles, columns, trestles, piers, pilings, car roof racks, bunk beds, or whatever else is strong enough to support everyone you pile into the hammock. For indoor set ups, grab a DIY indoor kit

Q: Can my kid set one of these things up?
A: You bet! Instructions are included with all products to let people of all ages enjoy handcrafted relaxation. 

Q: I already have a carabiner hammock - how can I get infinite adjustability without buying a new Infinity Hammock? 
A. Check out our Infinity Strap Upgrade Kit to upgrade any carabiner hammock to infinite adjustability. 

Q: Can I use my hammock camping gear with your hammocks?
A. The answer is: yes, absolutely. Our hammocks are generously sized, but you can still use them with most bug nets, rainflies, thermal quilts, and other hammock gear on the market.

Q: The hammocks look great, but what do they feel like?
A: All of our hammocks are made of a unique breathable taslan nylon that makes them feels more like cotton than typical plasticky nylon hammocks. The fabric has a bit of texture and a soft finish. It resists abrasion, rot, mildew, and water. It is quick drying, but will fade and may stiffen a bit if left in direct sunlight. The fabric is a little heavier than some ultra-lightweight ripstops, but will last just as long as any high-tech fabric if it is cared for. 

Q: Can I customize my hammock?
A: Yes, you can customize it! Check out the Totally Custom Hammocks page for more info. 

Q: How many folks can get in a hammock at once?
A: All of our hammocks are rated to 450 pounds total occupant weight -- we'll leave the headcount math to you! 

Q: Is it machine washable?
A: Hand washing is nice, but you can certainly throw the hammocks in your washing machine if it needs a bath or if you want to soften the fabric even more. High intensity fabric colors may shift or fade. We've dried the hammocks in a clothes dryer on a low heat setting without any problems, but cannot recommend that you do the same. Hanging out to air-dry is always a safe bet for synthetic fabrics with chunky metal accouterments. 

Q: How long will it take to get my order?
A: We normally are able to ship orders within a few days of receiving payment and will send you a tracking number when they leave our factory. Custom hammocks with personalized embroidery usually ship about a week after we receive the order. We handle every order individually and with tremendous care to be sure everything is just right so we appreciate your patience!

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