Sluice Hammocks Custom Personalized Monogram Embroidery Special Event Occasion Gift
Sluice Hammocks Custom Personalized Monogram Embroidery Special Event Occasion Gift
Sluice Hammocks Infinity Straps Unlimited Adjustment with Custom Bag
Sluice Hammocks Custom Embroidery Style Options
Sluice Hammocks Custom Embroidery Color Options
Sluice Hammocks Fabric Color Options

Totally Custom Sluice Hammock

This is your chance to create something special.

Custom hammocks are built with extra care alongside trademark Sluice Infinity Hammocks in Raleigh, NC. Choose your hammock size and color then add a monogram or custom text. Include a pillow or grab a hat or add an indoor mounting kit here for less than you can purchase them individually.

Sluice hammocks can be setup virtually anywhere in less than a few minutes by people of all ages. The hammock pulls out of one end of the stuff bag & packs back up just like a sleeping bag. The stuff bag is attached to the hammock so your custom embroidery is visible when the hammock is packed up and also when it's setup with you in it. The bag matches the hammock and is about the size of a football. 

Each hammock includes a pair of heavy duty polyester mounting straps that won't stretch or hurt tree bark. Use them to relax between two trees, posts, poles, pilings, wall mounts or whatever else you can find (that is strong enough to hold you) with no knots or fancy rigging. Just wrap each strap around a tree and then thread one end of the strap through the loop on the other end. Your weight in the hammock pulls the straps tight to grip the volunteering tree, post, etc. When you're not using the straps, bundle them up and snap them into the strap taco on the back of the bag to keep them from getting lost. Watch the setup video here.

The hammocks have small metal cinch buckles that are permanently attached to the ends of the hammock to let you make infinite adjustments to your setup. Dial in the perfect height and lay angle by sliding them up and down the straps. They are simple to use and give you seamless adjustment along the entire length of the strap. You can tighten the hammock right up to the tree or pull it out to the very end of the straps. Just like the straps around the tree, the buckles grip themselves when you pull against them. The distance between the two trees depends on the size of your trees (we recommend nothing smaller than 6 inches in diameter), but you can usually work with trees 10ft - 20ft apart.

The Standard Size hammock is intended for one person to relax in total comfort, but we regularly see 3 and 4 people sitting in this size without hesitation. Two small children can easily play around in a Standard together. If they each want their own, we have a Child's Size hammock that may be perfect. When they outgrow the small hammocks, let us know and we'll give you a discount on the next size up. For the Child's Hammock, we recommend a maximum occupant height of 48 inches to maintain plenty of head room and leg room while in the hammock. For the Standard Size, we recommend a maximum height of 6'-6".

Then we have the Jumbo Size. These things are huge! Get an extra three feet of width and choose an accent color to set yourself apart from the crowd. We recommend the Jumbos for serious loungers and for overnight sleeping because they give you even more room to get diagonal. Off-axis diagonal rotation, where you shift your your head and upper body to one side and feet to the other side, lets you lay with your back flat for long-term comfort. Rotate even farther and you'll be able to lay completely sideways and still have your head and feet completely supported by the hammock. The Jumbos give you enough room to share with a partner - or take it all for yourself! They're also great for families with children or dogs or both. Even with multiple people, there will be enough fabric left over to play hide and seek for hours. 

Click to check out our Instagram for lots of pictures of the different hammock sizes in use.

Compare hammock models here.

Personalized options include curly-vine fancy style monograms, diamond monograms, block monograms, and custom text. The custom text option lets you add a personal message with up to two lines text. Choose from a wide range of colors including glow in the dark thread and rainbow thread! All embroidery is done in the same facility as the hammock manufacturing in Raleigh, NC. Each order is cared for individually, so please allow up to ten days for processing so we can ensure gold-standard quality. 

All of the hammocks can hold up to 450lbs. They are made of nylon that doesn't pick up stains too bad, but you can throw them in the washing machine if you like to keep things sparkly. We recommend hanging to dry to keep the metal buckles from clanking and banging around in the clothes dryer. 

The hammocks are designed to be portable and versatile and to be set up and taken down with each use. They have been known to stay up in more permanent-like situations in backyards or on porches, which is fantastic, but the fabric will pick up debris and may fade and/or change texture if exposed to prolonged sun, rain, heat, and cold. 

We'd love to see pictures of your custom build in action on Instagram or on Facebook. Happy hammocking! 


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